Why should I use an Online Doctor?

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Online Doctor Visits via Telemedicine

Online Doctors should be used for a wide array of common illnesses. By visiting with an Online Doctor, patients also receive the care they need from their home, office, car, or just about anywhere. Online Doctors such as GuruMD can diagnose and prescribe based on the patient’s immediate circumstances.

As Online Doctors become more commonplace, additional services will be included providing even more convenience for patients.

Check out the list below to learn about some of the abilities of GuruMD’s online doctors.

Urgent Care from Doctors Who Care

Approximately 80% of all visits to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Facility are for common illnesses that can be handled by an online doctor on GuruMD’s telemedicine platform. Whether it be for a cough, sore throat, flu, allergies, or other illness, you don’t have to wait in the waiting room to be seen by an online doctor. Especially, on nights and weekends when primary care doctor’s offices are closed, GuruMD is there to get you healthy again.

Online Prescriptions

So, you need a prescription filled but aren’t interested in scheduling an appointment. What do you do? The answer; contact an online doctor utilizing GuruMD. After a quick visit via our face-to-face video application GuruMD will have the prescription sent directly to your nearest pharmacy. No waiting, no frustration, your prescription will be sent to the nearest pharmacy.

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Labs, X-Rays, & Imaging

GuruMD’s online doctors provide additional services that most telemedicine services don’t. You are no longer required to schedule a visit with your primary care doctor, nor do you need to sit in the waiting room. After completing an online doctor visit with GuruMD, your order will be sent to the most convenient lab, x-ray, or imaging facility.

Cost Savings

GuruMD’s online doctors are convenient! Shouldn’t there be a premium for the luxury? No… GuruMD charges your typical office visit copay! It is that simple. For those without insurance, our cash pay rates are very competitive and we offer discounts on labs, x-rays, and imaging work.

When choosing and Online Doctor, choose GuruMD. Whether you’re sick, need a prescription, or don’t have time to waste in the waiting room. We are hear for you…

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