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Telemedicine, Why?

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Your child has been up all night crying, screaming and pulling her ears. Your alarm goes off and in a tired, foggy state of mind you suddenly remember you have places you need to be: a work meeting at 2pm, yoga class at noon and your daily TV show comes on in 1 hour. Now all you can do is hope and pray your doctor or pediatrician has an appointment available now and not 2 weeks away like the last time! You call them and of course they DON’T!! Now you begin to feel nauseous.

Instantly a light goes on and the ultimate alternative comes to mind: Urgent Care! Yes that’s what I’ll do! Much better idea. You call right away and they inform you, “We only have a 4 HOUR wait today, we’ll be happy to see you!” You hang up on them out of frustration, followed by the pleasant thought of having to wait at the pharmacy for another hour after your extended urgent care rendezvous is over.

And maybe, just maybe they’ll get the correct prescription filled this time!

Anxiety starts to kick in….you think to yourself, “Stay calm, don’t panic.” Deep breaths take over followed by a scream at the top of your lungs, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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**That’s right! You can Now Say No!!!

“No” to the week long waits to see your doctor, “No” to the 4 hour turnaround time at the urgent care, and “Yes” to instant on-demand access to your doctor through Telemedicine!

We at feel that Telemedicine is truly the future of medicine.

We are tossing our hats into the ring to offer Telehealth to Texans from Texas.

GuruMD is local and familiar with ailments particular to our region, including poison ivy, seasonal allergies/hay fever, and heat exhaustion from the dreaded Texas Sun.

We’re available for your other medical needs as well, including chest congestion, bronchial infection, UTI (urinary tract infection), abrasions, yeast infection, and the list goes on.

See a Local Medical Provider Now at

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Stay Healthy My Friends!