Telehealth Services Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

In Telemedicine by Dr. Clinton Osborn

Many individuals may require medical advice or help. They usually have a full-time job and are unable to leave their workplace during the day to meet the doctor. In other cases, the person may be living in a remote area or small town and is unable to travel long distances to meet the healthcare specialists. 

With advances in technology it is now possible for individuals to get medical advice and assistance remotely using the latest internet and telecommunication technologies. This remote delivery of medical services is called telemedicine or telehealth. GuruMD is one such telehealth service. With our expertise in providing quality medical service with speed and efficiency, we’ll guide you through why telehealth is becoming increasingly popular.


The scope of telehealth services are relatively comprehensive and vary depending on the illness. For a chronic ailment like diabetes, it will involve uploading various test results online, so that the doctor can analyze the information which is provided and offer relevant medical advice accordingly. 

There are other illnesses where the diagnostic equipment output is connected to the healthcare provider, remotely using the internet connection so that they can detect any significant changes and make the proper consultation. The scope of telehealth also includes ordering the right medication online, especially drugs that are not available locally in small towns.

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