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With GuruMD’s Family Subscription Plan, medical care is available, for you and your immediate family, when you need it most! When you consider the potential cost savings for you and your family, the decision is simple. So, what is the cost of immediate medical care at your fingertips? The answer, an incredibly low monthly rate of only $30 (with annual commitment). Sign-up by calling GuruMD at 888-348-7863.

The process is simple!

Once signed up, you and your immediate family can visit with one of our online physicians as often as necessary for a low monthly rate of only $30. It is that simple. Sign up and visit with a physician when you (or your family) is in need.

Who is covered under our Subscription Plan?

Through your Family Subscription Plan, immediate family members (up to five) are covered, including Spouse/Significant Other & children 24 years and younger.

Call GuruMD now at 888-348-7863 to receive this great family benefit.

The Same Great Service You’ve Learned to Expect from GuruMD

  • Save Money - Avoid the Emergency Room
  • Video visits with a physician from your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet
  • Prescriptions immediately sent to your Pharmacy
  • Labs and Imaging orders sent directly to facilities (bypassing the clinic)
  • No Waiting Room
  • On Call. Online. On your Schedule

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