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X-rays are a quick and painless test that creates images of the structures inside the body, especially the bones. The x-ray beam is passed through the body and absorbed in various amounts depending on the density of the material.

Bone and metal are dense materials, so they show up as white coloring on the x-rays. However, the air is light, so on the x-ray, it appears black. Fats and muscles are gray on the x-ray. For some types of x-rays, a contrast medium like barium or iodine are put into the body to provide a more accurate detail of the image.

GuruMD offers xrays, and you can speak with a board certified professional to order one from home before visiting our in-person facility.

What Is An X-ray?

X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves that create pictures of the inside of the body. The image shows certain parts of the body in various shades of black and white. The most popular use of an x-ray is to check for fractures, but this imaging test can also diagnose pneumonia or breast cancer.

Whenever patients use an x-ray, they have to wear a lead apron to protect certain parts of the body. The amount of radiation that people get from an x-ray is minute, but it’s best to exercise some precaution.


Why Are X-rays Done?

Here are the reasons why an x-ray is required:

Infections and fractures

If there are any infections or fractures in the bone, then it is essential to use an x-ray to pinpoint the problem.



X-rays of the joints can help diagnose arthritis and examine if the condition has gotten worse.



An x-ray can help measure bone density to diagnose osteoporosis.


Bone cancer

X-rays can pinpoint the location of a bone tumor.


Lung infections

An x-ray can show the location of tuberculosis or pneumonia.


Breast cancer

A mammogram is a type of x-ray that analyzes breast tissue.


Blocked blood vessels

The doctor would inject contrast material with the iodine component to highlight areas in the circulatory system that will be visible on the x-ray.


Enlarged heart

An x-ray can help diagnose congestive heart failure.


Digestive tract issues

The patient would drink a barium contrast liquid to help detect GI problems through an x-ray.


Swallowed items

If the child has swallowed a coin, an x-ray can locate the object.



How Are X-rays Performed?

X-rays can be performed on an outpatient or inpatient type of setting. In order to take an x-ray, the patient will be asked to remove any jewelry or clothing that might interfere with the body area that is being examined. 

The patient will be given a gown to wear and is positioned on the x-ray table to be scanned. Some examinations will require the patient to be sitting or standing, depending on the area being measured. 

Body parts that are not being measured will be covered with a lead apron to avoid x-ray exposure. During this procedure, the patient must be very still, or the images will come out blurry. 

The technologist or provider will step behind a protective window to observe all the images being taken. It depends on which body part that the x-ray will examine, but it can be used in various angles like the front and side for a chest x-ray.

How Does GuruMD Provide X-rays?

When it comes to x-ray exams, the first step that GuruMD will take is to match the users with a board-certified physician. The doctor will interview the patient and obtain information regarding their symptoms and medical history.

The doctor may send them to get lab tests and bloodwork for further diagnosis and to determine what strategies to take. Based on the results from the interview or bloodwork, the doctor will send the patient to the clinic to get an x-ray.

The clinic will send the results to the GuruMD physician so that they can analyze and diagnose the problem. Afterward, the user can get a follow-up appointment with the doctor to discuss the results of the image.

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