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Why Urgent Care?

Do you need to see a doctor now? Is your primary care physician office closed or are there no appointment times available? Did you fracture a bone and need an X-ray? Do you need immediate medical treatment? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, visiting an online urgent care is your best course of action. GuruMD provides convenient and immediate access to doctors for the treatment of your medical ailments.

With our urgent care services, a board certified physician with family or emergency medicine specialization will work to understand your needs and provide professional medical advice. Then, they’ll work with a physician’s assistant, nurse(s), and other relevant practitioners to remedy you. 

When necessary, our doctors will order the appropriate lab work when testing is required. If imaging services are required we will order the appropriate tests including X-ray, Ultrasound and CT-scans. Skip the frustrating waiting room and go directly to the lab or imaging suite at the nearest (most convenient) facility.

Urgent Care from Anywhere

Urgent care facilities across the U.S. tend to have long lines and wait times. As the population continues to grow, finding medical care at a moment’s notice will prove to be more difficult. When you need medical care urgently, turn to GuruMD for treatment. Our doctors are available one the phone, through the web, or via the GuruMD mobile app. Skip the long wait times and receive quality care from your home, office, or wherever you are. 

Our lab and imaging partnerships extend to all corners of the United States. So, wherever you are, our online doctors can treat your urgent care needs. We aim for only the highest quality when it comes to our patient’s wellbeing.


Our Services

  • Intense joint pain: While you might commonly feel pain in the large joint found on your big toe, you can experience joint pain in your elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists. 
  • Inflammation and redness: Infected joints get inflamed, making them feel tender, swollen, and warm. 
  • Limited range of motion: The infected joints may not move as well as they did before you had gout. This lack of mobility can start to have an impact on your daily life.

The GuruMD Difference

When you fall ill or find yourself injured, you might wonder - Is an online doctor right for me? The simple answer, YES. Our doctors address all sorts of non-emergent ailments including those requiring lab work, X-rays, or even a CT Scan.

At GuruMD, our goal is to provide medical care that’s accessible and immediate in every way. Our telemedicine services provide immediate medical consultation that is affordable, convenient, and available to all. Our commitment to quality telehealth makes us leaders in accessible, yet effective medical care today.

Don’t waste time waiting for an appointment; schedule one with GuruMD whenever you need. The results? Fast, friendly, and attentive medical care.

If you have any questions about our Urgent Care services, contact us here.