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About Birth Control

When it comes to avoiding pregnancy, acne, and heavy menstruation, the first thing that women often think about is birth control. Birth control can help regulate the hormone to reduce blood flow during a period and to control acne. In addition to that, it prevents ovulation and thickens the cervical mucus to prevent pregnancy. Other forms of birth control would block sperm entry to avoid pregnancy. 

GuruMD offers prescriptions for birth control; you can speak with a doctor online or in person.

What Is Birth Control?

Birth control is a form of contraception to prevent pregnancy. There are many options for birth control, such as oral contraception, sterilization, emergency contraception, and natural family planning. The best way to determine the proper type of contraception is to consider personal preference, health status, and lifestyle. 

Questions that the doctor may ask is how did they feel about planning for sex? Inserting devices into the body? Taking pills at the same time every day? Permanently ending the ability to conceive? It’s essential to be honest in these assessments to pinpoint the perfect birth control option for you.


Types of Birth Control

Here is a list of contraception to consider: 

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are the most common type of contraception, but it requires that the person takes it on time daily. With a conventional birth control pill, users will have a period every month. The menstruation starts during the placebo pill, but the rest of the pills contain hormones.


Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

This form of birth control is perfect for individuals who do not want to get pregnant anytime soon, but still want to have a baby someday. The common options in this category are intrauterine devices, contraceptive implants, and contraceptive injection. With the implants and intrauterine device, individuals can return to fertility after they take out the birth-control. However, with injections, they will have to wait a month until the hormone is cleared from the system.



If you are 100% sure that you don’t want to get pregnant, sterilization is the best option. A vasectomy is an option for men where the tube that carries sperm into semen is cut and sealed. As for women, the procedure is called tubal ligation, which works by blocking the fallopian tube.


Emergency Contraception 

If two individuals have unprotected penetrative sex and sperm enters the woman’s reproductive organ, then emergency contraception, or ‘Plan B’, can be used up to five days to prevent pregnancy.


Other female birth-control options

Aside from the ones listed above, there are other contraceptive options such as condoms, withdrawal methods, contraceptive sponge, vaginal ring, and abstinence. Unfortunately, these options aren’t 100% foolproof except for abstinence. After all, if you don’t have sex, then it’s impossible to get pregnant. 


However, condoms can break, pre-ejaculation can still find its way inside the female reproductive organ during the withdrawal method, and vaginal rings and contraceptive sponge are only 70 to 80% effective.


How Does GuruMD Prescribe Birth Control?

At GuruMD, we offer medical advice for patients who need birth control. If you need any form of birth control, all you have to do is create an account to speak with a medical provider. Register online and then visit with a doctor right on the app. 

Our board certified professionals ask a series of questions to determine which birth control is right. For example, if the individual has a history of high blood pressure or clots, then oral contraception or any form of birth control with hormones is not the best option. The doctor will recommend intrauterine devices or implantation without hormones. 

If the individual is not very persistent in taking the pill on time, then a birth control injection or patch would be adequate. If the user is not interested in having kids for the future, then sterilization is the best option. 

Whatever the case is, a thorough evaluation and interview is required to rule out potential side effects and determine the best form of birth control that fits the person’s lifestyle preferences.

To make sure you’re on the right track, we also offer blood pressure checks for patients who need birth control. We want to make sure you get the contraception and the care that you need for maximum treatment and prevention.

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