Online Physicians Offer Family Subscription Healthcare

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Family Subscription Healthcare provides unlimited Online Physician visits!

With the advances in telemedicine, where a patient can visit with an online physician, there is a new family subscription healthcare solution that is quickly gaining traction. While subscription models are nothing new, they are a new concept when it comes to family healthcare. That’s correct, one low monthly fee in order to provide your family immediate care with an online doctor.

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How does family subscription healthcare work for a family?

GuruMD’s family subscription healthcare works by allowing families to sign-up for unlimited medical visits with an online physician for a low monthly fee. Essentially, GuruMD’s family subscription healthcare is like Amazon Prime for medical care. Members of the family subscription healthcare plan pay no copay and do not need to utilize insurance. Instead of the typical copay for an office visit, your family can save money by utilizing GuruMD.

GuruMD Family Plan

Family Subscription Healthcare

With family subscription healthcare, GuruMD provides the same great services that you’ve come to expect. We send prescriptions directly to the local pharmacy, lab orders for blood work and/or imaging orders as needed. Additional orders are sent directly to your families preferred facility.

Consider skipping the emergency room next time your son or daughter rolls their ankle at a soccer or basketball game. Simply visit with one of GuruMD’s online physicians and if necessary, we’ll send x-ray orders directly to the facility of your choice. No waiting room and no fuss. Your family gets the care they need when they need it.


Why Telemedicine?

On-call. Online. On your schedule.

Telemedicine has become an increasingly accepted form of medical care. Via an online video visit, our doctors now have the ability to speak with one (or all) of your family members at your convenience.

We’ve all been there. Sister got brother sick, now Dad isn’t feeling well either and Mom is somehow always resilient… With GuruMD’s family subscription healthcare plan, each of your family members can be seen at once during a single visit. You don’t need to schedule separate appointments, you just need to sign-up for the GuruMD family plan.

Video visits can be done from home, from the office or even from the car (as long as you’re not driving). Telemedicine allows your family to control the schedule. Through convenience, cost savings, time savings and an all around superior experience, telemedicine is the best way to see a physician for those common (and some uncommon) ailments.

Call GuruMD about our Family Subscription Healthcare Plan at 888-348-7863.

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