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Who We Are...

GuruMD’s team is dedicated to your wellbeing. We are here to serve you, care for you, and keep you healthy. Our mission is to provide the best and most convenient medical treatment for our patients because we care. We provide patients with immediate access to first-class doctors using the newest technology. Our commitment is to you and your health.

Our Founders

Recognizing that patients are fed up with waiting rooms as well as quick-talking doctors, founders Dr. Clinton Osborn and Kassey Burney FNP-C thought it was time for a change. Drawing from their experiences in emergency rooms throughout Texas and New Mexico, they designed GuruMD to provide a better patient experience.

Their solution? A “virtual” doctor’s office!

No waiting rooms, no location barriers, and more time with the doctor… With GuruMD, they now provide convenient medical care via a phone, computer, tablet or other connected device. Just what the doctor ordered!

What We Do

We connect patients to physicians by phone or video via the GuruMD mobile app or website. Similar to online shopping, patients can save time and money by visiting our online doctors. With GuruMD, patients conveniently speak with a doctor online to avoid unnecessary visits to the emergency room or urgent care. When medically necessary, our physicians can immediately send prescriptions directly to your local pharmacy. Doctors can also order and interpret lab work or send patients for imaging services, including x-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds. GuruMD can address your medical needs with increased accessibility.

Why Telehealth?

GuruMD Telemedicine gives patients access to medical services from the comfort of their own home, office, car, or just about anywhere. We deliver premium healthcare to our patients no matter what their location. High-quality care is now accessible in rural communities as well as in urban settings.

We provide a modern approach to the healthcare experience that’s focused on patient care, patient experience, patient convenience, and ultimately, patient health and wellbeing.

The advantages to a telehealth visit are substantial. Virtual care via GuruMD’s online doctors reduces costs, time wasted, and saves a considerable amount of frustration for everyone. If you have not experienced a telemedicine visit, we’re available for you now.

Why GuruMD?

At GuruMD, patient health is our first priority. Our U.S. Board Certified Doctors are specially trained to conduct virtual patient care ensuring our patients receive the highest quality medical treatment available. We treat our patients with respect by listening to their concerns and answering questions that they have.

We provide patients with high level, comprehensive, online medical care. In other words, GuruMD’s doctors can send lab orders and imaging orders (x-rays, ct-scans, and ultrasounds) when medically necessary. Whether you need blood work, a urine test, a wrist x-ray, or a full brain scan, we can take care of you from head to toe.