10 Best Flu Medicines That Can Be Bought OTC

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Getting the flu can be very stressful and devastating. You are stuck in bed for days with a headache, body ache, fever, runny nose, and cough. You feel tired and drowsy all the time and wish that there is some magic pill that can get rid of all these issues. You can easily speak with a doctor online for more information, because the problem with going to the doctor in person is that they would often send you back home with advice on symptomatic treatment. Since the symptoms you experience are often a viral infection, it won’t make any sense for the doctor to prescribe you an antibiotic. Luckily, viral infections that cause the flu can go away on their own. With the help of over the counter medication, you can reduce your symptoms and decrease the duration of the flu. In fact, a lot of these medications can help you relax so you can get a better night sleep and improve the immune system to fight off the infection.

There is a variety of OTC flu medications out there and it can be overwhelming to find out which one is the best. The first question that you should ask yourself is what kind of medication you are looking for? If you want something natural, a liquid form, non-drowsy, nighttime, or for kids there are certain brands that cater to those specific purposes.

Fortunately for you, here at GuruMD, we have compiled the best OTC flu medication on the market. That way, you won’t have to look too far for your information. This article can definitely help you find the flu medication that you would need.

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Best Overall Flu Medicine

The best overall flu medicine would be NyQuil and DayQuil severe combo caplets. This combo pack contains ingredients that target multiple symptoms of fever, pain, and cough. The DayQuil capsule contains a powerful expectorant ingredient that can loosen up your mucus to decrease cough and congestion. It’s a non-drowsy medication, so you will not fall asleep in the middle of the day.

The NyQuil capsule also has a decongestant mechanism that can alleviate stuffy nose so you will get a good night’s sleep. If you decided to take NyQuil, it’s best to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery. The NyQuil capsules can make you very drowsy, so it’s best to take this medication before bedtime. People often read that this combo pack is more effective and potent than regular over-the-counter medications. Also, this medication is safe for both adults and children ages 12 and up. It’s best to consult with your doctor before giving it to younger children.

Best Liquid Medicine for the Flu

The best liquid medicine for the flu would be the GoodSense Nighttime Cold and Flu Relief. All you have to do is follow the instructions, take the appropriate amount, and drink some water to fully quench yourself. After that, it’s time to witness the amazing effect that this liquid medication can provide you. This delicious cherry flavor liquid contains active ingredients of acetaminophen to reduce fever and pain as well as suppressing the cough. It also has antihistamine to decrease runny nose and sneezing. The best part about this medication is that it’s highly affordable and effective. People who have used this OTC drug often says that it works better than other big-name brands for half the price. Also, the medication helps you sleep better so you can wake up feeling awake and energized.




Best Homeopathic Medicine for the Flu


Some people prefer a more natural approach to treating their flu symptoms. Sometimes, over-the-counter or prescription drug medication contains ingredients that can elicit unfavorable side effects. Fortunately, with the best homeopathic medicine for the flu, you can rest assured that all the ingredients are natural and organic. This can help you avoid the nasty side effects and allergic reactions. The best homeopathic medicine on the market is Boiron Oscillococcinum. This pellet works by temporarily alleviating your symptoms, therefore reducing the severity and duration of the flu. The pellets are also safe for children ages two and up. They’re also very easy to take. The instruction indicates that all you have to do is place them under the tongue and let them dissolve. That means, no more chewing, swallowing, or gulping water. People who use this product enjoys the speedy recovery effects from the flu. Some claim that their symptoms were gone in two days while others raved that they were able to miss only two days of work.

Best Flu Medicine for Kids

When it comes to kids, it’s vital to get them the right medication. After all, the majority of the ingredients found in adult flu medicines are contraindicated for kids. Fortunately, we know the best flu medicine for kids, and that is the Hyland 4Kids Complete Cold and Flu Relief tablets. With this OTC drug in the house, you know that your kids are in good hands. This tablet will safely dissolve in your child’s mouth; that means, he or she does not have to swallow or chew. However, it’s vital to read the instructions carefully, so you know the proper dosage to give to your child. Also, the ingredients are natural and organic, and parents love how these formulas were able to alleviate body aches, headache, chills, and fever without any nasty side effects. Parents said that this OTC medication has helped their child recover faster than other medications on the market. Because of this tablet, their children can get back to school within a few days. In fact, a lot of kids preferred this medication over others. Therefore, we know that with Hyland, your kids are ready to kick butt.


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Best Nighttime Flu Medicine

Some people can power through the day with the flu symptoms, but the night is a completely different story. When you go to bed at night, you want to be at peace and slowly drift away to dreamland. Unfortunately, with constant symptoms of fever, headache, stuffy nose, congestion, and sore throat, it can be very challenging to have a good night sleep. Fortunately, the best nighttime flu medicine can help you sleep like a baby. The Wellness Basic Multi-symptom Night Time Relief Soft Gel works ten times better than NyQuil. This affordable brand from Amazon can give you phenomenal symptom relief to help you nod off and stay asleep, so you are prepared for a busy day. Some people say that the medication takes a little longer to start working, but once it does work, it will give you the best sleep that you will ever have. The medication helps mitigate practically all the cold and flu symptoms as well as being easy to take and swallow.

Best Non-Drowsy Flu Medicine

Sometimes, the office can get very busy with projects and deadlines. The last thing you want is to get sick with a fever, stuffy nose, headache, and cough. The problem is that a lot of over-the-counter medication can cause you to be very drowsy, which is not something you need. Fortunately, the best non-drowsy flu medicine can be taken in your coffee cup. The TheraFlu power pod daytime severe cold relief has a pod where you can plug into your brewing machine to get a fantastic infused, methanol, and green tea flavored beverage. This beverage can provide you with instant symptom relief. It has an active ingredient of acetaminophen for pain and fever relief as well as Dextromethorphan for cough suppressant and phenylephrine for nasal decongestion. With these hot liquids in your mug, you are ready to conquer the world.


Best Flu Medicine for Fever

If you have a fever of over 100.4°F, then you know that you need the best flu medicine for fever, to get that number down. Fortunately, Genexa Flu Fix can help alleviate your symptoms. This organic chewable tablet can treat your fever as well as a variety of symptoms such as congestion, body aches, sore throat, headaches, and coughs. If you have a busy workday, this OTC medication is non-drowsy, so you can safely take it throughout the day. It’s a non-habit-forming formula, and it also has non-GMO ingredients. Customers often rave about the potent effect of Genexa Flu Fix because it can quickly and effectively bring down your fever. Also, the tablet has a very nice flavor to it, so it’s easy for children to take. Another significant part about the Genexa Flu Fix is that they will donate to a charity that promotes children’s health for each purchase of the medication. That way, consumers can feel good about making a purchase that can quickly decrease their fever as well as doing a good deed at the same time.


Best Dissolvable Flu Medicine

Sometimes taking pills can be very scary. Just imagine how some pill form medication cannot be chewed up so you would have to drink water to flush it down. There is the fear factor that the pill could get stuck between your throat or block your airway. Fortunately, the best dissolvable flu medicine can help those who can’t stomach the taste of these OTC meds or taking pills. The TheraFlu multisymptom severe cold relief is a powder that can dissolve in hot water. This relaxing drink can reduce the symptoms of headaches, sore throat, body aches, and congestion. This OTC medication comes in both drowsy and non-drowsy form. The daytime medication has green tea and honey lemon flavor, while the nighttime medication has white tea, chamomile, and lemon flavors. Customers who took the TheraFlu multi-symptom severe cold relief medication says that they were able to breathe and peacefully fall asleep. Also, this OTC medication can get rid of allergy-related symptoms, so it’s best to have it in your home for its multifaceted purposes.

Best Flu Medicine for the Whole Family

If both you and your kids are sick, then you would most likely want an over the counter medication that caters to both children and adults. Luckily, we have the best flu medicine for the whole family. The Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief is an excellent OTC medication that works very well for ages four and up. This tablet can quickly dissolve in your mouth to alleviate cough, congestion, sore throat, and much more. The blackberry ingredients are jam-packed with essential vitamins to help boost and support the immune system. Because of its powerful effect, a lot of customers claimed that it does wonders for both adults and children. In fact, this medication can prevent family members from getting sick together. If someone from the household does come down with something, the Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief can decrease the severity and duration of the illness.

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Best Flu Medicine for High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you probably know that a lot of the medication can worsen your hypertension. This is mainly because of an active ingredient called ephedra that helps reduce stuffy nose and congestion. Ephedra or pseudoephedrine acts on the sympathetic system to activate the fight and flight hormone. This can cause your blood vessels to constrict there for jacking up your blood pressure. Fortunately, the best flu medicine for high blood pressure can help prevent this catastrophe. Coricidin provides maximum strength for flu symptoms. It can stop body aches, headaches, pain, fever, and runny nose. This over the counter cold and flu medication has active ingredients such as acetaminophen to reduce fever and pain, antihistamine to stop congestion, and dextromethorphan to suppress your cough. With this amazing OTC drug, you can have both symptom relief and maintain your blood pressure at a healthy level.


Take home message

The flu can be a very annoying and stressful illness. It commonly happens during the winter season, and it can be a damper to your work schedule. The worst part is that the flu is highly contagious, which means if your child brings home a cough, fever, headache, then most likely you will experience the same symptoms in a couple of days. With all this in mind, our highly recommended list of suggested OTC flu medication can help you fight off these nasty symptoms. You can always talk to a doctor online to help ease the worry and stress. That way, you will have a good night’s sleep, feel well-rested in the morning, and ready to take on that massive workload.

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